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Why Use Senior Solutions?

Senior Solutions Group helps people with Medicare in multiple states, but the majority of clients that we help live near our three Washington State offices in Yakima, Walla Walla, and Bothell.  Local is our “superpower”!

Seniors approaching retirement are often bombarded with emails, mailings and TV ads trying to sell insurance, without getting to know their clients so they can serve their best interests. Often those companies also don’t know about local Medicare health plans unique to Washington State.

At our annual VIP Medicare Workshop for clients, we offer a sneak peak of the Medicare landscape from year to year.  We are always looking around the corner for any upcoming changes happening with Medicare. Senior Solutions Group is available for face to face appointments, online video calls, and in some situations we will even make a house call.  We also network with local Medicare healthcare providers and believe in building relationships and giving back to our local community.

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Virtual Medicare Workshop

Remotely learn the ABC’s of Medicare in a simple, concise virtual workshop.  If you want to learn the basics, the workshop will help you unclutter the confusion of Medicare. You may be surprised how many of your questions get answered in this video; When do I sign-up for Medicare?  How do I sign-up for Medicare? What are some of the rules? What is the best plan for me?

The video will also give you a glimpse into the the four main parts of Medicare.  Don’t miss the bonus material at the end of the video showing you the easiest way to apply for Medicare online. Reach out to us via phone or email to get answers to more of your questions or to schedule an appointment.
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All Your Retirement Insurance Needs

Protecting Your Money

Long-term Care Insurance: Another area where we can help you is protecting your hard-earned savings from the ravages of Extended Health Care costs which Medicare doesn’t cover. Calculate Long-term Care costs in your area. The average cost for 1 year in a Yakima Nursing Home is around 85k and round the clock in-home care is even more expensive. We can talk about options to protect your savings.

Retirement: Speaking of your savings. Here is where we REALLY help people. Do you have a 401k? An IRA? A bank CD? We have guaranteed safe options.  These enable you to protect your hard-earned principle from ANY losses in the future.  You can capture a respectable rate of return that will never be lost during downturns. Questions? Just ask one of our Brokers!

Medicare Options for Seniors

It’s not a ‘one size fits all solution’; let us help you select the very best plan for you.