Why help with Medicare?

We recently spent some time as a team talking about our purpose here at Senior Solutions Group and the underlying foundation of our business.  Why help Seniors navigate this crazy world of Medicare?  Let’s get real, it changes each year and it isn’t easy to stay up on each change!  Each year we all have to make sure all our contracting/certifications are up to date with each Medicare carrier we work with and we work on continuing education hours for our licensing every other year.

Not too long ago we posted this video on facebook and youtube and we got some interesting comments.  One person even said, “STOP scamming seniors!” (We deleted that comment, as that has never been what we do.)  Rick put this video out to educate seniors, letting them know that there are options with Medicare Supplement plans.  For example; if they want to save premiums and still have a good plan look at Medicare Supplement plan N.  There are many different ways to “skin the Medicare Cat”, it all depends on the individual, their budget and how they like to take care of their medical coverage.

We Do What is Best for our Clients

Senior Solutions Group will not scam or push anyone to take a plan because WE like it best or WE make more money.  We do what is best for our CLIENTS and educate them about their options.  Our clients are on many different kinds of Medicare plans.  This is why we are independent brokers as well, to be able to offer many options.  So you may have figured out one of our big engines at Senior Solutions Group – education.  Why help with Medicare?  To educate seniors in all the options that are available to them.  Sometimes it is so overwhelming people need someone to come along side them and say “let’s look at this together”!  We love being that for our clients, teaching along the way.

Just this week we put out this video on facebook and youtube as well.  From this video introducing our new team member, Anna Jackson, you get to hear what drives this ship.   Serving others.   We are here to serve the senior community with Medicare and retirement needs.  We honestly have such fulfilling jobs because of this.  Do we get paid for our jobs?  You bet!  We all need jobs that pay us, but there is something pretty amazing about being able to say, “we served our clients and got paid for it”.   Sometimes, this looks like answering Medicare and social security questions.  Other times it looks like us calling a carrier on behalf of our client and getting them the help they need.  Here and there, we get to help people who will never become a client but we were able to make retirement a little clearer for them.

Why help with Medicare?  It is a way for us to serve others.