Is it the end of Medicare Advantage Ads? Are you beyond sick and tired of all the endless advertisements for Medicare Advantage plans?  On Oct. 19, 2022 CMS (Centers for Medicare Services) released a memo saying they are monitoring the advertisements that you are seeing over and over on TV.    CMS is concerned about marketing practices on Medicare plans, specifically Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D.  The memo from CMS reports multiple complaints.  Advertisements are reported as being confusing, misleading and/or inaccurate.  When people call these 800 numbers from the ads, beneficiaries are often feeling pressured and are saying they are not given enough information about the plan they sign up for.

Starting Oct. 1st, 2022 our company, Senior Solutions Group must record all calls when we talk to Medicare beneficiaries.  This is the case for all agencies and agents, this is largely due to 3rd party companies that haven’t been doing the right thing by beneficiaries.  The majority of agents and agencies have your best in mind when they help you with your Medicare.  At Senior Solutions Group, we do what is best for you the client, we don’t “sell” the insurance company that pays us the most.  We show you options and let you chose what works for your life and lifestyle.

Is it the end of Medicare Advantage Ads?
To answer our first question.  Not yet.  From the memo from CMS we see that they will be monitoring them more closely and all advertisements will have to be submitted for review before they can air starting 2023.   To check out more on this memo from CMS, please watch this video from Rick.

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