Medicare for 2022 has been a blast for us.  Is it easy?  No, but we kind of think that things that are easy are not always worth it.  Yes, each year holds changes for Medicare; be it Medicare Part B premium changes, carrier changes, Medicare Part D drugs that now aren’t covered under one plan, and new training for all our agents.  The list can go on and on but for us it is worth it. Medicare for 2022 was when we were able to help people figure out their Medicare, get enrolled, save money on current plans and hopefully take some of the burden off of their shoulders.

Just one of our great success stories this year comes from a couple who came to us right before the end of Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period (October 15th through Dec. 7th every year).  They had been on Medicare for years.   The person who helped them sign up years ago had never reviewed their Medicare Supplement plans or their Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plan.  By taking the time to look at their premium amount on the their Medicare Supplement Plan F, we then found a different carrier with a Medicare Supplement Plan G that was a better fit for them.

Want to know the two big differences:

1. A Medicare Supplement Plan F and Medicare Supplement Plan G have the same exact medical coverage, but with a Plan G you have a $226 deductible for the year.  With the Plan F, you don’t have to pay that.
2. The premium!  For these clients their monthly premium with a Medicare Supplement Plan F was $275.  For a Plan G the new premium was $184 a month.  This is an annual savings of $1092 each!  All they have to do is pay a $226 deductible.

Also Saved $$ on their Medicare Part D Prescription.

By taking the time to check their current medications and best plans to cover those medications, we were able to save them $2000/yr with less out of pocket costs.

Medicare for 2022 was a success in our book! Senior Solutions Group met one of our goals; serving clients just like they are our family, our Mom and Dad.   We would want our own parents to save $3000 plus a year if they could!   We are excited for 2023 and all the ways we can help our current clients and new clients.  Give us a call if you need a good review of your Medicare plans.

Check out our video library for many answers to your Medicare questions.