I’m not against Medicare Advantage plans.  I promise!  I am actually pro-Medicare Advantage if it is the right fit for my clients.  For some people with their health, their budget and other things they have going on in their life, this is a good solution for health care coverage.  Medicare Advantage plans do have some really cool extra benefits.  These often include free supplements, dental and vision benefits, and gym memberships.  Some of these plans give money back on your social security or money for your utility bills.  The monthly premiums are a real plus to many Medicare beneficiaries, as they are low to often zero premiums.

When do I find myself against Medicare Advantage plans?  When there is deceptive marketing, not giving Medicare beneficiaries the full story.  Our seniors deserve to know the pros and cons of the plan.  Did you know that Medicare Advantage plans replace Original Medicare?  You now have an insurance company making decisions for your medical care.

Often Medicare Advantage plans get “sold” on just their perks, instead of the big picture.   Do you know there is a good chance of having out of pocket costs down the road if you get sick?    Often Medicare Advantage plans have networks that you need to stay within for doctors and hospitals.

Let Me Give You a Good Analogy

I go to IKEA with my wife, we buy this amazing new shelf organizing system that is all the craze. Everyone says it will make our life easier.  So we buy it!  We get it home, unwrap the 200 plus pieces and there are NO directions on how to put this great shelf together.  I have no rules per say on how it works.  This kind of reminds me of a Medicare Advantage Plan where all the details were not given to the policy holder.

I’m not against these plans, we have a good amount of clients, friend and even family members on these plans.   What I am against is when it isn’t in the best interest of the client or information is withheld, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Any more questions?  Check out this video on the pros and cons of Medicare Advantage.

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