“When we moved back to Washington and settled in Yakima 11 years ago, we asked neighbors about health care choices and Rick’s name came up. Rick has been great to deal with, is very knowledgeable about Medicare, insurance and in no time, we got changed over and have never changed carriers. As seniors, having someone like Rick and Senior Solutions is a real comfort knowing that all we have to do is make a call. Thank you Rick!”

Marsha H., Yakima, WA

“Rick helped my 97 year old father with a “glitch” in the system. He followed it through to the end and did not give up until it was fixed.

Rick is very good at working out any details and his knowledge goes great with his patience! 5 Star Rating!”

Bob L., Yakima, WA

“The agents at Senior Solutions Group are always available, just a phone call away.”

“We would highly recommend Senior Solutions Group, especially for those just starting Medicare.”

“We’ve been with Senior Solutions Group for years and trust them.”

“I always recommend Senior Solutions Group to my friends!”

“Rick is very knowledgeable and helpful in sorting out which Medicare Supplement plan best suits your needs. He is always available to answer questions and willing to take all the time you need to make the right decision for you.”

Eula M., Yakima, WA

“Tammi took the time to explain everything and help us to make the right decision for the right plan. On my own I would have ended up choosing a plan that wouldn’t have included our doctor! Thank you for being such a great free resource!”

Barbara S., Zillah, WA

“Rick was very thorough and helped us save money.”

Kathryn B., Zillah, WA

“I really appreciate Rick’s help in navigating my enrollment in Medicare and a Supplemental Plan … it was easy and not at all confusing!”

Danielle S., Yakima, WA

“I did a lot of research on Medicare, but never got a straight answer until I spoke to Rick. He was patient, helpful, and answered all of my questions. He made sure I got the best value and that I felt comfortable. I would 100% recommend him to anyone seeking answers.”

Kerry S., Yakima, WA

“We were lost with all the Medicare rules and trying to make a smart decision. Rick was able to help us through all of it and when we left his office, we had a clear picture of what insurance we need. Thank you Rick and Team for helping me through the maze and also for helping me with insurance needs of my 90 year old parents.”

Paula S., Yakima, WA

“My wife Pam and I first met Rick about 3-4 years ago.  He was recommended by good friends of ours.  We sat down with Rick and he reviewed our insurance that we had with Washington State retirement system.  He not only found the best policy for us, he also found a plan that saved much needed money for our use in retirement.  Washington State stopped cost of living adjustments years ago.  So we are very happy with his efforts for our benefit. Rick and his wife keep us posted and have put on group review sessions to keep us up on what’s best for us. ”

Doug and Pam S., Zillah, WA

“Rick and his Senior Solutions Group have taken the frustration and unknown out of the Medicare issues.  We know he has our best interest in mind and has helped us make informed decisions year after year after year!  We are soooooo grateful for their presence in our lives!”

 Virgil and Selma U.  Yakima, WA

“Tammi was instrumental in setting me up with Medicare.  It would have been overwhelming and extremely confusing without her guidance every step of the way. She carefully explained each aspect of coverage and found a supplemental and dental plan suited to my life and medical needs.  She took the time to answer my many questions, telephone calls and e-mails and always responded patiently and immediately.”

Carol W. – Lake Stevens, WA

“Once I connected with Tammi, it was like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders and I had a partner in making Medicare decisions. Tammi was able to answer all of my questions without hesitation and helped me understand the choices available and the differences between them, how much each plan was, while also trying to help keep the costs down as much as possible. We’re so glad to have her in our corner and on our team!”

Jim & Ginny G. – Mount Vernon, WA

“What a tremendous help Senior Solutions has been!  Rick explained the quagmire of options for seniors and made it so easily understandable.  The choice that I made for my Medicare Supplemental health plan went through without a glitch…and now I can feel comfortable that my medical costs won’t overwhelm us.   Thanks Mr. Rick…I guarantee that I will be passing your name around like a bowl of candy!”

Marty D. – Moxee, WA