Medicare Part B Premium Costs

If you are already on social security, the cost for Part B (doctor’s appointments/outpatient care) will be automatically deducted from your social security check.

If you are not yet on social security, you will receive a bill for Part B coverage in the mail every three months. The amount you pay depends on your income. For 2023, most people will pay $164.90/month. However, if your income is higher, you may pay more.

See the Cost Chart for Part B on the official website.

2 Paths to Medicare Benefits

After you apply for Medicare or enroll, you have two options for additional coverage:

Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap)  and/or Medicare Part D


Medicare Advantage Plan

There are two ways to get additional Medicare benefits. Our favorite chart simplifies the choices.

The 10 Standardized Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap)

There are 10 Supplement plans that are offered by different companies.  The plans are the same across the country in what they offer, but the costs will differ, depending on the company that you get the plan through.

Let’s look at the Supplement Plan Options.

Medicare Supplement Plans in Washington State

Compare the two most popular plans.

Medicare and You book for 2020

Medicare & You Handbook

In the fall of each year, all Medicare recipients will receive an official Medicare & You handbook detailing all the options available for Medicare for the next year.

Download 2023 Medicare & You Handbook – English

Other languages and formats for download can be found on the official website.

Medicare and You book for 2023

Request to lower an Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA) here.


Apply for Medicare Part D Extra Help program here.