Avoid the mistake of having a penalty for life due to the lack of Medicare Part D (prescription) coverage. 
When you sign-up for your Medicare, you need to sign-up for a drug plan, even if you currently don’t take any medications.   If you don’t, then later in life when you need a drug plan you will have a penalty that will be added to your monthly premium.  The government adds on 1% (of the national base beneficiary premium) penalty for every month that you should have had coverage.  This can really add up.
My suggestion:  Pay for a minimal plan now, about the price of 1 Starbucks drink per month, then you won’t have the penalty.     

Check out this great video we made that quickly explains the penalty for not having a Medicare Part D Drug plan.
Penalty for No Part D

Are you still trying to understand how to pick out the best drug plan, we have a couple of great tools for this here on our website.
First check out our Frequently Asked Questions section to get answers to some common questions FAQ

Second, we have a really easy Part D – Drug self-enrollment tool.  You put in your meds, preferred pharmacy and the best plan for you dollar wise will come up first in the list. Drug Look up tool

Rick MacDermid