“Oh my those Medicare ads!”

They just seem to never stop. They are coming in the mail.  Medicare ads are running when you turn the TV on.  Recently, a prospective client told me she is getting non-stop phone calls about Medicare.  She said she doesn’t know who to believe, what to believe and what is best for her.
We can’t tell our clients enough to turn those ads down when they come on TV and to throw the mailers away!  Instead find someone who is really going to find out what is best for you in the area of Medicare.  Find a trusted local agent.

Oh my those Medicare ads is the topic of our latest video we made for our clients.  Check it out here.  Now don’t get us wrong, sometimes those Medicare advertisements are pointing towards a great product.  Sometimes, even a product that some of our clients use. There are a few questions you must ask that go along with this though.  Is the Medicare plan they are talking about even available in your area?  Is it a Medicare Advantage plan or Medicare Supplement plan?  Are all the give backs, and freebies available in your area?  Do you qualify?

An 800 number or call center isn’t always going to offer you some of the local county plans in your area.  They also are notorious for not finding exactly the best plan for YOU!  Make sure your medications are looked up and you get to compare your options before you make any choices.  Lastly, if it is a Medicare Advantage plan make sure you are well informed of the benefits and the out of pocket costs if you get sick.