Medicare changes for 2023 that affect you!   We have the new changes for you for 2023 Medicare.  In 2023, we are even going to see some price reductions!  Can you believe it?

The hospital deductible for Medicare will go from $1556 for 2022 to $1600 for 2023.  Remember if you only have Medicare A and B you will be covering this cost if you end up in the hospital.  This is a wonderful reason to look beyond just having Medicare A and B.  We can help you look at Medicare Supplement and Advantage options to help with this.

The Medicare Part B Premium is one of the areas we will see a decrease!  For 2022, the monthly part B Premium was $170.10/mo.  For 2023, the Medicare Part B Premium will be $164.90/mo.  There is also a Medicare Part B deductible and it is going down from $233 to $226 for 2023.  This is a one time a year deductible for Part B.

Medicare changes for 2023 will also affect your Medicare RX plan. The Medicare Part D Prescription Drug deductible (usually only effects those on tier 3 and 4 medications) will be increasing from $480 for 2022 to $505 for 2023.

Some other changes that Rick recently highlighted in his VIP Annual Client Workshop online are that all vaccinations will be 100 % covered in 2023.  No more paying a couple of hundred dollars for your shingles shots!

Check out our video page for updates from Rick and the team.