We help people navigate a complicated Medicare system as well as other retirement issues. Often this includes social security and pension and income planning needs.

It would be easy for us to promise you smooth sailing if you use our team but it doesn’t always work that way. Our Federal Medicare system isn’t perfect and at times cumbersome, with long wait times to enroll through local Social Security offices. Phone calls to Social Security can often result in long hold times, only to get automatically hung up on.  This has often led us to recommend to people to drive down to the local office to get enrollments handled.  That being said, sometimes the system works smoothly like a sea of glass.  Sometimes it’s like moving heaven and earth to simply add Medicare Part B.

We help people pick the right Medicare bus to hop on. It is not one size fits all. There are no perfect plans and cliches do happen from time to time. Sometimes providers don’t provide the best care AND the insurance plans still pay great. Sometimes the best care happens but billing snafus interrupt your peace of mind.  We earn a fee from insurance companies and we don’t think of it as a sales commission but an obligation to always be there for you when things happen. We can’t solve every single problem, but we are going to do our level best to try.

What We Promise…

What we promise each and everyone of you is to leverage our years of experience and our tenacity fighting on your behalf to be your coach, your partner and advocate through the good times and the hard times.  We have resources and contacts available to us that will benefit our clients.  Let us help you through your Medicare and retirement.

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