Is it the end of Medicare Advantage Ads?

Is it the end of Medicare Advantage Ads? Are you beyond sick and tired of all the endless advertisements for Medicare Advantage plans?  On Oct. 19, 2022 CMS (Centers for Medicare Services) released a memo saying they are monitoring the advertisements that you are seeing over and over on TV.    CMS is concerned

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Medicare Changes for 2023

Medicare changes for 2023 that affect you!   We have the new changes for you for 2023 Medicare.  In 2023, we are even going to see some price reductions!  Can you believe it? The hospital deductible for Medicare will go from $1556 for 2022 to $1600 for 2023.  Remember if you only have Medicare A

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Which Choice is best for YOU for Medicare?

Which choice is best for you for Medicare?  Medicare supplement or Medicare advantage plans?  Let's use the bus driver analogy while we discuss this.  When you are on Medicare you have the choice of two bus drivers. You can either use Medicare or an insurance company. Options: The "Bus Driver" is regular aka Original

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Medicare Part B Premium Decrease

Medicare Part B Premium decrease coming?  Wow, we sure hope so.  For those on Medicare you are more than aware of the 2022 increase that happened with Medicare Part B premiums.  This was the biggest jump in history.  A 15% increase in the middle of a pandemic and when everything else is going up

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Why help with Medicare?

Why help with Medicare? We recently spent some time as a team talking about our purpose here at Senior Solutions Group and the underlying foundation of our business.  Why help Seniors navigate this crazy world of Medicare?  Let's get real, it changes each year and it isn't easy to stay up on each change! 

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Don’t let your Medicare Plan lapse

Don't let your Medicare Plan lapse when there is a simple solution. It is important to us that your Medicare needs are covered.  We make it our business goal to always do what is best for you.  This starts with helping you look at the best plans for you.  Sometimes that is a Medicare

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What Medicare Plan is best?

What Medicare Plan is best? We get this question all the time.   Have you heard the saying "there is more than one way to skin a cat"?  Well, this is true of Medicare as well.  There are many factors that go into figuring out the best plan for you. There are basically two paths.

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Dollars Saved on Medicare can Make a Big Difference

Dollars saved on Medicare can make a big difference for many people.  Are you hearing the kind of things we are: "Everything costs more now".   "I want to take a family trip but the airline tickets are outrageous."   "Took the wife out for dinner and we spent so much."   Then into some more serious

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2022 Medicare Part B Premium Increase Reasons

2022 Medicare Part B Premium Increase Reasons Over the last few weeks we have been monitoring the situation related to the historically large Medicare Part B Standard Premium increase for 2022 from $148.50 (2021) to $170.10. This affects the vast majority of seniors on fixed incomes who are on Medicare Part B. Some reasoning

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